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To accelerate Windows 10 so that he works much more fast

It is not necessary to clear merit to him to Microsoft with the development of Windows 10. Briefly, he has managed to create an operating system that works with enough more ease than the immediately previous versions (case Windows 7 or Windows 8). Whereas clause that each PC around the world is a separate universe where sufficient variables converge, that Windows 10 adapts effectively to the majority of these computers is something commendable from the beginning.

But not always it is thus. In some cases, mainly in older computers, the yield of Windows 10 leaves much to be desired. Although there is failures nor no bugs that to fear in the starting or during the general work in the PC, yes some specific configurations can exist that mine the efficiency and the yield in the execution of the operating system.

Attention: Still you don't have installed Windows 10? You can unload it in our page: To unload Windows and to follow installation guide.

For this reason, the sufficient tricks and advice are transformed here so that Windows 10 goes faster, and better. Of course, that will depend on the PC which you have, reason why is not valid to wait for miracles. But, yes you will be able to trust that the programs will walk of faster form, the computer will ignite in less time and, in case outside little, there will be no periods in which the PC remains, literally, “congealed”. We go there!

Windows 10: To accelerate the starting

Although it is not a common situation, more a user has complained which the PC does not start of fast form with Windows 10. Some affirm that they wait for several minutes before the PC finally gives the welcome them and it allows them to use it. The slow starting is easy to identify, since the cursor will appear on the screen, but the bottom will remain in black. After awhile it is that the operating system begins its protocol of welcome.

Although the improvement in the yield of starting of Windows 10 will depend directly on the equipment that you have, the following tricks will serve you to lighten the initial charge. These tricks are valid for the users who, even, do not complain which Windows 10 initiates slow.

To eliminate the possibility of malware

Internet has been today much more certainly for 5 years. But always they are the equipment that undergoes the attack of malware. This type of virus not only is damaging the system and the equipment generally, but he slows down its beginning of considerable form.

For this reason, first that you must do it is to assure to you that they do not exist, or to eliminate them if there are them. With software specialized in this kind of problems, as Panda Cloud Antivirus, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware or the version online of ESET Nod32, you will be able to undo in one go of these annoying problems.

Problems of compatibility of drivers

To the being Windows 10 totally new an operating system, drivers exists problems of compatibility with some. They can be drivers of hard disks, cards of network, video or audio. The certain thing of the case is that the compatibility problems generate a quite sharp slowing down, because the operating system needs to recognize the first parts of the equipment before beginning.

There are two possible solutions: economic is to update all the drivers, with programs as Booster Driver; most expensive it is to buy parts that are compatible with the operating system (by defect, made in the last the 2 years).

To activate the Way of Fast Starting

In the operating system Windows 10 is possible to form a way of faster starting. However, in some configurations – it will depend on your installation of UNDER he will not be available, or he will be hidden.

This is what you will have to make to find it and to activate it:

  • It enters Options of Energy the Configurations. If you want it easier, it writes in the Finder or I gave to Cortana that exactly: “energy options”.
  • In the menu that is of the left side it beats in Choosing behavior of bellboys of Ignition/Extinguished.
  • It sees Change configuration at the moment nonavailable. After this, in the section of Configuration of Extinguished, that is in the part inferior, they will appear new options.
  • There you will activate the fast starting. You will have to select the option To activate the Fast Starting. After this, you will reinitiate the PC.

As it were shelp previously, it will depend strictly on the configuration of your computer. In some versions of the operating system this option is not available.

to accelerate Windows

Memory: To lighten the initial charge to undo to you of the slowing down of the PC

The majority of the problems of yield in Windows is due to that the memory always is in favor of very high levels as far as use, which causes the slowing down. For that reason, to lighten its initial charge is a good form that the PC walks fast much more. This is what you must do:

  • In the Finder, in Cortana or Configurations it looks for the Administrator of Tasks. Some versions of Windows allow to find this option doing click with secondary button in the bar of tasks. Others, by means of the combination of keys CTRL + ALT + SUPR.
  • It sees the eyelash Home. There you will find all the programs that begin of automatic form when you ignite your computer with Windows 10.
  • As you see, there are 4 columns. Name, Publisher, State and Impact of Home. You will look for in Impact of Home the programs that have category of Stop or Means. That is to say, those that have high or average priority and that consume many resources whenever Windows 10 begins.
  • It reviews which of these marked programs as High or Average you do not use habitually. Those that you do not use, deshabilítalos in the column Been, happening of Qualified to Deshabilitado.
  • It reinitiates your computer.

Although deshabilites, whenever you need them you can execute them with normality. It never remembers to deshabilitar the startings of the system, controller, or the programs that you do not know. If after reinitiating you verify that something works bad, you will always be able to return there and to try to Habilitar or Deshabilitar until finding the failure.

to improve yield Windows

To delay the beginning of the services of the system to take faster Windows 10

In addition to the programs that are loaded automatically in each beginning of Windows 10, also there are other applications that they load whenever you ignite the computer. They are the calls Services of the system. These are, in summary, a handful of applications or specific functions that Windows 10 needs to control all the components of the computer (sound, screen, battery, keyboard, mouse,…). Some of these services of the system are necessary, but many of them could be behind a bassoon in the yield of the PC at the time of starting with normality.

As or it were anticipated, almost all the Services of the system are necessary for Windows 10, reason why this option only is prescribed for advanced users or with knowledge in the field. If you do not have idea or you do not feel with confidence, simply you do not try, since you could alter it the operation of Windows 10, which would remain instead of to add.

If you pour off yourself to do it, this is what you need to realise:

  • With the Finder or Cortana it looks for “to execute”. When it is opened, you will write this exactly (without the quotation marks): “services.msc”
  • One will open to a called window Local Services or Services. Here you will have to take a time to read and to examine of what it treats each, and thus to know which are indispensable, and which would seem not to be it.
  • If you see that some is not important that it initiates as soon as you ignite the PC, it changes his Type of Home (column 4) Automatic (delayed Home). Of that form you will not deactivate it, but the service of the system will begin after the beginning of the operating system.
  • It reinitiates so that the changes provide effect.

To accelerate automatically

To improve the general yield of the operating system

With the previous advice, you will obtain that the operating system initiates of a faster form and without complications. However, the initial yield is not translated in a good general yield, reason why he is possible that during the use of the PC the present system slowing down or remains even hung man, congealed, petrified, or how you like to name at that uncomfortable moment. It is there where the following tricks for Windows 10 enter consideration, directly directed to improve the general yield of your computer.

It begins by the basic thing: Windows and its form to fix the problems

Although it is not a newness, in Windows 10 the option of Solution of Problems works far better that in previous versions of Windows. For that reason, it is a good way to be including some things that are working bad in the PC and which they slow down his yield. As it were shelp, it is the starting point.

You must do the following thing:

  • It enters Control Panel.
  • It looks for the option Solution of Problems.
  • In the main window of Solution of Problems you will see that there are options to look for in any inherent area the equipment and the operating system. It reviews each option and it sees realising the tests that the own system suggests. After this it is possible that you do not find any failure, but will serve to discard.

to solve problems

It avoids the slowing down: It forms the size of the virtual memory or memory I broke

Perhaps everything is working well with Windows 10, but suddenly the computer is hung by a pair of seconds. He is possible that you are initiating a program, looking for one app in the directory, or opening a window in the explorer of archives. That is to say: something so normal that it does not explain why the equipment has slowed down. In that case, most probable it is than one is a problem related to the virtual memory of the hard disk. You can solve it this way:

  • It sees the Control Panel.
  • Configuration presses in System - > Outpost of the System. Once there, it sees the eyelash of Options outposts - > Yield - > Configuration.
  • It sees the eyelash Options Outposts, and in the section inferior of Virtual memory, it beats in the button To change…
  • It unmarks the square of above, called automatically To administer the size of file of pagination for all the units.
  • It selects the hard disk where Windows 10 is installed and marks the Customized So large option.
  • You will have to also form Initial Size (Megabyte) and So large Maximum (Megabyte). In Initial Size you will place the amount of your ram memory multiplied per 1,50. In Maximum Size you will place the amount of your ram memory multiplied by 3.

For example: if you have a memory of 4 GB of RAM in your computer, you will place 6,144 in Initial Size (Megabyte) and 12,288 in Maximum Size (Megabyte).

You must know that a GB contains 1,024 megabytes (Megabyte). Although also you will be able to multiply by 1,000, and the yield will not vary too much.

virtual memory Windows

It realises a periodic cleaning of your hard disk

As pass the time, Windows 10 will be accumulating all type of files in the hard disk. They can be folders of cache, files of installation, temporary files and until entrances of the registry. All these archives will not serve to you don't mention it and is possible that Windows 10 does not need them to execute itself. Therefore, they are only slowing down your computer.

It is for that reason that at least once every 2 weeks you realise a cleaning of all these archives. You will not need to do it manually, but you will lean in programs as CCleaner. This not only increases the general yield, but also it can influence positively in the starting of Windows 10.

It defragments of periodic form your hard disks

If for short while litters this way, you will know the meaning the word fragmentation. That is to say, to divide, to move away a thing of another one. Therefore, which makes a Defragmentation is to unite, to unite.

With the use of Windows 10, it is possible that you install and desinstales programs, you repair some installed, you erase files, and many similar operations that are leaving empty spaces in hard disks. In order to fill these emptinesses, the operating system goes taking archives that exactly occupy the same space in the memory and it places them in those empty spaces.

For that reason, after a long time it is possible that some files that need to start together are in very distant places of the main hard disk. A situation that slows down all the operations in Windows 10. For that the Defragmentation exists, that is not more than a process where Windows 10 reunites all the similar files in a same space so that they are read, processes and execute more quickly.

The defragmentation of a hard disk must become at least once every month in computers that have much information, or once every 3 months in computers with median or low amount of information. The solid discs (SSD) do not need to be defragmented. Only the external HDD and hard disks that are not SSD.

In order to defragment, you must make the following thing:

  • In the Finder or Cortana you will write “to defragment”. It will appear the window To optimize Units.
  • It selects the hard disk that you are going to defragment (it remembers that it does not have to be SSD).
  • It beats in the option To optimize.
  • Delays to that it finishes, and ready. It does not require to reinitiate.

to optimize units disc

It deactivates Cortana if you do not use it constantly

It is not necessary to doubt that the Cortana assistant has marked before and later in Windows. Nevertheless, it is possible that in your particular situation you do not need to use this assistant, or you do not use it with the sufficient frequency as erasing it of indispensable. Although Cortana is not an application that consumes many resources, yes the yield of the computer slows down much. Mainly in old computers.

In order to deactivate Cortana you must make this:

  • It enters Notebook or Configuration
  • > Desactivar Cortana beats in Cortana -

And ready. If you wish to activate it, you must make the same process.

To reinitiate and To extinguish: options to release space in the memory of the PC

This last advice is quite important for whom they have equipment with 4 GB of ram memory (or less). With the continued use of the computer, the ram memory of the equipment will be won easily, reason why Windows 10 will begin to use space available in the hard disk to avoid to collapse. Nevertheless, the hard disks (mainly the traditional ones) work at a much more slow speed that the ram memory, reason why the operation will be quite questionable.

As well, powerful programs as the suites offices automation, the programs of design (Adobe and similars), and some games of last generation, when they are closed leave temporary files occupying the space of the ram memory. To reinitiate the equipment releases all the space in the memory and improves the general yield of Windows 10 of a pull.

Although Windows 10 is one of the lighter operating systems, with these tricks and advice you will be able to increase his yield much more, since pressures the ignition button.