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The 5 better tricks for Windows 10

Unlike other operating systems of Windows, from XP to the 8,1, in Windows 10 many tricks exist to remove all the advantage to the operating system. It does not matter if you use a portable one or desktop computer, is always necessary valerse of all the short cuts of UNDER removing all the benefit to him. In this occasion we compiled the 5 of the 10. That is to say, the 5 better tricks for Windows 10. Because they always make lack. We began!

To qualify the God Mode to accede to the total configuration

One of the main advantages of Windows 10 is the possibility of entering all the configurations of the equipment through God Way (God Mode, in English). The God Way allows the user to sail between all the options of configuration of the equipment, ordinates by categories and alphabetically. It is the best “way” to form any detail in the computer of a simple and fast form.

First that you must do it is to create a new folder in the writing-desk.

to create folder Windows

To this folder you will call it God Mode. \ {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} or God Way in case the gringo does not sound to you. The important thing is that after the name you place a point next and the code that appears summarized here.

When you press Enter will change to the icon and the name of the folder, being something thus:

God way

If you already have it this way, you can enter as if one was an application any. When opening, it will leave the initial menu to you all the configurations of Windows 10, organized by name, type or category, and even being able to find them by the key words that they have assigned.

As you see, the God Way groups all the configurations of Windows 10, which is translated in a sufficiently great listing of applications as to be annoying. For that reason, which you will do will be to stop to you on any name of category, to press right button and to click in “Contracting all the groups”.

You will have left this way:

Windows 10 God way

Good looking you that far better it is seen thus.

Now yes you will be able to sail between all the configurations of the operating system. But, if it continues to you seeming something quite great, you always can simplify the situation. As it shelp you to the beginning, the God Way includes a quite trustworthy finder that will be guided by the key words of each one of the programs of configuration. For that reason, if for example, we looked for “printer”, will appear to us all the applications that form something in the printers, as it is next.

Windows God way

Far better? Certainly yes.

To create a special folder for all the applications

In order to initiate an application in Windows, which we do regularly is to look for it and soon to execute it. A work in which, according to it is the case, we will waste a little time because sometimes the Finder does not cooperate. It has happened to You?

And if however you could open a central application, that grouped to all the others? This is possible in Windows 10 using some truquitos.

First that you will do is to create a direct access in the writing-desk, with the method of all the life.

When creating it, it will ask to you that you place the location of the element. That is to say, the file to which it will create this direct access to him. In the location you will place explorer.exe shell: AppsFolder and you will press Siguiente or Enter according to is the case.

Place a name to him that you remember, as Applications or All the applications, and beat in Finalizing or Enter.

Your direct access to all the applications is ready:

Once you click, you will enter all the applications that you have installed in Windows 10, as one is in the example.

To create the direct access to any application

To create a direct access for an application will allow you to enter her without having to look for it in the Menu of Home or the Finder of Windows. It is a simple option for which they need to find the program that uses more with the greater possible rapidity. Ideal for which they have just a short time.

In Windows 10, the writing-desk is empty almost always and all the applications we found them in the Menu Home. Nevertheless, only it will take 2 steps you to create a direct access in your writing-desk and power to enter thence.

First of all, you must look for which is the application that you need to always have. Then, you beat and you drag until the writing-desk. In the following image you will see how we did to him with the application of the Hub de Correo.

direct access

As you will see, when it drags to the writing-desk Windows will tell you if you wish it to tie. You only need to loosen it there, and it already is.

Of that way we will be able to read all the post office of Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and more without having to initiate session in the navigator and without not even having to look for in the Menu Home. You can try with whatever your favourite application or the one that you use more.

To find the Solitary game without having to suffer of more

As you will have well to know if you are a user of Windows, in Windows 8 the game Solitaire did not come installed by defect, but she were due to look for in the application Store and to install independently. Some not even found out this and they were depressed not to have to the game that accompanied us in the most undergone short whiles by leisure.

In Windows 10 the solitaire game returns to be available, but some follow without being able to find it.

When you find it, you can make use of the previous trick and leave it in the writing-desk in a direct access, of step.

In order to find the Solitary game in Windows 10, you will have to look for it by his official name of “Microsoft Solitaire Collection”. For that reason, when you place “solitaire” in the finder, it does not appear any installed program.

games Windows 10

As you can see in the image, with looking for “solitaire” in the finder already it will appear to you the game.

Another way is looking for in All the applications in the Menu Home, and soon passing exactly M directly, where is the loved game. It looks at the image.

When you open the program, you will notice there that one is several different games of Solitaire, of its name of Collection.

First, of Klondike name, it is the used version more of Solitaire. The classic one of all the life. The others are versions of the previous one, as the Spider that also was looked in previous versions of the operating system.

Beams click in which you want to play, and ready.

to capture screen Windows 10

To make captures of images without you install additional programs


In the operating systems of Windows, from version 8, it is possible to make screenshots without needing installing no additional program. In order to do it, it will be enough with making this combination in the keyboard: Windows + PrtScr (for keyboards in English) or Windows + Imp Pant (for keyboards in Spanish).

When you do that, a screenshot in format png in the folder will keep from automatic form destined for such aim. By defect, this folder will be called Screenshots or Screenshots and will be located in your folder of images (C:\Users\Nombre of user \ Pictures \ Screenshots).

They are best the 5 tricks, but they exist many more. Windows 10 is a countless number of tricks to discover, and that turns it into one of the best operating systems of the present time.