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To install Windows 10 free step by step

The last version of the operating system Windows is thought to update itself without limits. Their creative ones already announced that To install Windows 10 it would be the way to have updated it, since will be no a Windows 11. The system will be improved and will incorporate new functions according to is necessary.

The objective that has marked Microsoft is to do that all the users of Windows use a unique system. For that reason from his appearance he offered to those who already had a previous version the possibility of updating itself. Also to make a clean installation of Windows 10 and to activate it with the previous license.

Although the term to make the update finalized officially in 2017, still is possible to install Windows 10 free. We see what it is necessary to do it and how to install it of different ways.

Requirements to install Windows 10

In order to install Windows 10 first that will need to you it is to have a copy of the unloaded program and list to install. You can have it in a DVD, an USB memory or in the hard disk of your computer.

In addition, you must make sure that your equipment has at least these characteristics:

  • Processor that works to 1 GHz or speed superior.
  • If one is a computer of 32 bits:
      • Ram memory of 1 GB.
      • 16 GB of free space in the hard disk.
    • For computers with architecture of 64 bits:
    • RAM of 2 GB as minimum.
    • Disc space of 20 GB.
    • Graphical card with support for 9 DirectX or later version.
    • Screen with resolution of 800×600.

Windows 10 Home

If you install Windows 10 Home Edition, when the system has an update comes to install it automatically. It is important that you make sure that it continues being free space to do it, since otherwise you will not be able to update. The system will indicate to you what you can do for coming in this case. It is possible that you must erase archives or use an additional disc.

Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise

The users of professional version of Windows, as Windows 10 Pro or the developed one for companies can choose if they update immediately or they more ahead make it. In this case it is important to consider that the term is not limitless and is recommendable to update when it is possible to take advantage of better the system.

Final preparation to install Windows 10 free

Assure to you that you have released sufficient space in your computer. If you are going to make a clean installation of Windows 10, it reviews the content not to lose information that needs more ahead to you.

In equipment in which you are going to happen of a version previous to the new one, it is recommended to make a backup copy. You can keep it in a memory or use some service in the cloud, as OneDrive de Microsoft.

It reviews drivers of your equipment to have the last version, compatible with Windows 10.

As installing Windows 10 from USB

If you have the installer of Windows 10 in an external memory, it extinguishes the computer. It inserts the memory in a valid port and when you ignite raisin to the BIOS stops to choose the disc of starting of the system. It looks for USB and it leaves to the computer starting.

The equipment surely is reinitiated. You are not scared because the screen goes out, since it is a normal process. They will spend some seconds and you will see how it appears the screen of installation of Windows 10. It follows the instructions and it chooses the options that you prefer aa measured that is asking to you.

The process can take enough. Although it is very simple and easy to execute. The only thing that you need is to have a ISO adapted in the memory and a little patience.

To install Windows 10 from zero

If you have a computer by far time of use, possibly it interests to you to install Windows 10 of clean form. Thus you will lighten the equipment of archives and contents that do not serve, and will be able to use it as if you finished buying it.

The process of clean installation of Windows 10 is very simple. It inserts in the corresponding unit the copy of installation of the system and leaves starting. If it is the first time that you install Windows 10 in the computer, an activation key will be requested. You can use the one that is enclosed with the copy which you have or to clicar in I do not have product key. You will be able to use the system and to activate the code more ahead.

The program will advance and it will ask to you if you want to conserve the archives of the equipment. It deactivates this option choosing Nothing and give the button to continue.

Windows 10 will begin to settle, first calculating the space available to make sure that upon maturity it will be possible to be taken. If he is correct, it will tell you that it can do it and it will ask to you that you continue. The process will follow as in the previous case.

As installing Windows 10 in Apple or MAC

In case you want to install Windows 10 in a computer of Apple free, first that you are going to need it is the program Boot Camp. In addition, your equipment must be compatible, with Intel processor and at least 55 GB of free space in the starting disc.

It executes Boot Camp with the unit in which you have ready Windows to install. You will find the program in Applications – Utilities. If everything goes well, the image will be detected and you will be able to continue the process.

It creates a partition to install Windows 10 in your MAC. The size by defect is of 20 GB, although if you want to use it and to install programs, the best thing is than you have a partition of 100 more or. We beat in To install and we left becomes the division. Finished this step, the equipment will be reinitiated and begun the installation as in any other equipment. Perhaps it is requested to us to qualify administration privileges to install drivers. Or we can continue and make the installation of form manual.

When one has finished installing Windows 10, when igniting MAC we will be able to start with Windows or MacOS pressing the key Alt so that they appear the two partitions. If we do not do it, the system by defect will be Windows unless we change it in the configuration.

With these simple steps you will be able to have the last version of Windows working in your equipment. You will notice certain improvements with respect to previous versions, as a faster starting or the new store of applications, from which to accede and to install programs comfortably.