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To install DirectX, versions 11 and 12

He does more than 20 years that Microsoft takes working with DirectX. This program is in fact a set of different applications – libraries multimedia that allow that the operating systems of Windows process and show of the best possible way the images and the videos. It is the most important attribute, for example, to look at videos or to play in the computer.

However, when being one of the methods with more success, he is available also for other operating systems as Linux. At the moment 2 completely functional versions of DirectX exist. First she is the one of DirectX 11, used in all the computers that have operating system from Windows XP to Windows 8.1; in tablets with operating system Windows and Xbox consoles of until year 2015. Finally, the version of DirectX 12 exists, that was realised by Microsoft for its operating system Windows 10 (first in computers, soon in tablets and mobiles) and in new the Xbox One.

However, if you have arrived up to here it is because you need it, and it is exactly what you are going to obtain. First of all, we have the version DirectX 11. Secondly, you will have all the information on DirectX 12.

To unload and to install DirectX 11

Before beginning to teach to you as unloading and installing anyone of the new versions of DirectX, you must review which is your present version to know if you really need to update your program.

For that, you will do the following thing.

Firstly, you will make this combination of keys: Tecla Windows + R, which will open the executor of commandos of Windows.

Next, you will write dxdiag and you press Enter.

A window will be opened where you will be able to know which is the present version of DirectX.

diagnosis of Directx

It realises these steps to install Directx 11:

  1. First that nothing, you will have to unload and to execute the install program (.exe). You can unload it from his official Web:
  2. In order to install it, we will execute the file that has unloaded. This version has a considered weight of 96 Megabyte, reason why if you have an Internet with decent speed, it would not take more than 7 minutes in being in your folder of unloadings. The first window that will appear to you will be the one in the Agreements and Terms and Conditions. You must accept doing it click in button YES, Yes or Acceptable, according to it corresponds.
    installing directx 11
  3. From version 10 of DirectX, you will have to choose the exact place where you want that one settles. It will go to the folder Program Files or Program files located in your primary hard disk, and it is recommended to make the installation in a totally new folder, since it will install very many loose archives. In our case, we have placed to him as name DirectX 11.
    directx installing
  4. Once the archives have been extracted, you will look for the installer of the software, that takes by DXSetUp.exe name. Double beams click in him and will be executed. Next, graphical example.
  5. Again, DirectX asks to us that we accept the terms and conditions of Microsoft to allow the installation of the program. By all means, we accepted. Soon we click in the Following button.
    steps installation
  6.  The next window is a confirmation of which it will install DirectX 11 in the computer. It is not necessary to do more than click in Following.
  7.  Then, the installation will begin and it only is to hope.
  8. When the installation finishes, they do not appear windows of confirmation. You are not alarmed. It is totally normal, and DirectX 11 already will be installed in your computer.

To unload and to install DirectX 12

Directx 12

Until the end of year 2017, the interface of applications DirectX 12 will not be available outside the surroundings of Windows 10 and Xbox One, as it is in the following image.

directx 12 in action

Therefore, if you want to use this interface of library multimedia you will have to use some of these operating systems.

DirectX 12 is integrated of native form in the system of updates of Windows. For this reason, if or you have installed Windows 10 means that or you also have DirectX 12, since is an exclusive program of this version of the operating system.

In the previous image is an example of all the attributes that distinguish to DirectX 12 of the previous versions. First of all, one is an update that allows to be used in computers with less technical kindness, since he is able to use less energy and to require less space, at the same time as it increases until in a 50% his operation with respect to the immediately previous version (DirectX 11,3).

At the moment, Microsoft has not wanted to leave official versions of unloading because it thinks that it is too much soon, and that the uses still are not destined to a massive market. First of all, because companies that are designing games or programs do not exist that adapt to such requirements. Secondly, because still a great breach of users exists who have not updated to the last version of their operating system Windows 10.

However, the own North American company lets its official connection to inquire on the unloadings of DirectX 12 when he is available:

Microsoft has informed that its DirectX 12 will be installed of native form in the tablets and mobiles of last generation and that works with Windows 10.

About good to first, one is an update that will work positively not only in the yield in movable games – that could be more plaintiffs in graphs and even so it turns with ease, but also in the transmissions of streaming.

Nevertheless, it is possible that you have Windows 10 and you do not have DirectX 12. In that case, one is a problem of hardware compatibility, that will be resolved by the own Windows in next updates.

Possible errors when installing DirectX

When installing DirectX in his computer it can have two main problems. These problems, calls installation errors, will not allow that the program finalizes the installation successfully, and will give to a message of alert to the user with the word Error followed of a code of difficult memorization.

Internal error

The problem most common in the installation of DirectX, without a doubt. When an internal error takes place the system does not finish installing correctly, and will warn exactly with a message that says DirectX had an internal error and could not finalize the installation successfully.

The problem can be due to that the operating system is not updated, or to that the optional automatic updates they have been deactivated. In the configuration of Windows Update or Administración of updates this conflict can be solved. Until not updating the operating system, DirectX will not be able to use. It is possible that its video-game does not walk until the internal error is not solved.

Error of libraries DLL

Another quite common error. When a video-game of previous years through direct unloading or a DVD settles, it is probable that DirectX throws a message of error in libraries DLL. That is to say, that lacks archives within this library.

This means, actually, that the version of its DirectX is not last the available one. For that reason, it is recommended to manually install the more recent stable version of DirectX, whenever it is possible. As well, when it installs a video-game must misestimate the optional installation of DirectX including within the own DVD or unballastable file of the game at issue.

The graphical quality has much to do with an up-to-date library of DirectX. To have this installed program is one of the best decisions. Everything is seen better, in high resolution although their screen is not it.