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He learns to how capturing the screen in Windows 10

For many, to have a visual registry of the computer is a great advantage since we have at the hand tools or is to take a registry, to keep information from fast form, to demonstrate something or somebody; in short, he is very useful to have at the hand a capture of the windows.

To capture the windows in Windows is as easy as practitioner, to your disposition you nevertheless have tools as a useful keyboard and applications Web that offers rapidity you; all do not know how it is the process to carry out a screenshot in Windows, although it is the used operating system more at world-wide level.

By virtue of this, we have seen ourselves in the obligation place the tools to you in silver tray and explain to you how a capture can be done of the sales in use of your computer.

Unlike the computers of Apple a capture donates beams automatically and the file keeps in the writing-desk, to make a capture with Windows valerse of accessories as Paint or Archives of Office to save the registry is necessary.

In order to obtain the image that you wish, you can decide on several alternatives as the keyboard or applications that allow you to keep what you want in two by three, we begin by the most basic tools:

To capture the complete screen in Windows with the keyboard

One of the tools more used to obtain the image that you wish is the keyboard, through a key designed specifically for that function. This key applies for the times that you want to make a capture of all the screen.

So that you are located in the keyboard, you must observe the key that just is next to the key “F12”, the key that you must press is called “ImpPnt”. You must make sure to have an ideal approach than you want to keep, also you must know that once pressures this key, Windows keeps the image in a paper holder that you can beat or you are in Paint or a document of Word, of you decide there if you want to keep it as a normal file that you can modify a posteriori or if you want it to keep in format JPG or png.

To capture windows with the keyboard

In order to capture a window in specific, the one that you have in use for example, instead of capturing the complete screen, you can only follow the steps previously explained that you must add the use of an additional key.

In order to manage to have the capture that you wish, you must maintain pressed the key “Alt” that just is alongside left of the spacebar and to press the key “ImpPnt at the same time”, same pressed key to save the screen in a complete size. The combination of both keys is Combination Alt and Imprimir Screen.

After this you could have had in the paper holder the image that you want, to keep the capture from the window in specific you must have open Paint to stick the image in the format. If you want you can use the right click to insert the image in “beating” or can go to the left part superior where you will find the option “to beat”.

To capture the window in Windows with the application of “cuts”

Although the two ways previously explained are simple to do, exists one third called option “cuts” that it comes installed in all the versions of Windows by defect. This if you have the operating system in Spanish, if snipping is installed in English you will have to look for a called option “tool”.

Once selected the tool, all the screen will be in target and will appear you shoot with an arrow that they indicate to you where to begin to measure the screen to trim.

With the screen this way, you must begin to place mouse in the end of the window where you want to begin the cut and to move the same until the other end where you wish finishes, remembering always which you must maintain mouse at any moment pressed.

After to have selected the area to trim, you must loosen the mouse so that the window of the tool unfolds that it indicates to you that already you have the realised capture. Thence you can keep it in your computer or immediately modify it with the tools that the application offers to you.

If you want to publish the screenshot/window

If what you wish to make after having kept that image is to modify the data that in her reside, you can easily do it from Paint, nevertheless, this tool not always offers the results to you that you look for; if on the contrary you want to make an elaborated adjustment more where you change a minimum detail, you can decide on professional edition tools of images as Photoshop.

If you open the program you will be with a layer in target where you must begin to place the image that you finish keeping, for it you must go to the bar of tools of the program, select to the option “file”, soon “open” and choose your image; automatically the selection will be opened as first layer in Photoshop, adjusting to the size that already it had predisposed.

Thence you have tools as rough drafts, brushes and other options of adjustment so that you keep the captures from the screen as everything a professional. It is possible to emphasize that independent of the version of Windows that owns your computer, it is possible to exactly realise the capture of the window with the same tools.

But, if I have Tablet instead of computer?

The operating system Windows is not exclusive of the computers, also is available in electronicses as tablets; where to make a capture of the windows or the whole screen it is possible just by to press two bellboys. Like the movable devices, tablets offer the option to capture the screen without having to accede to other more complex applications, to take to end the operation, you must press the ignition button (button of Windows) and the one of volume at the same time.

In this occasion, the screenshots will keep in a folder with the same name within the gallery of images.

Recommendations to consider

  • If you are going to send the file to another person, you must know that you must raise it in the possible lightest format so that the adressee has a fast visualization of your message.
  • It decides on formats as JPG and png to send the image, never you use Bitmap because most probable it is than your file is only visible from your computer more not in the computer of the adressee; in the same way, thus you avoid to conserve a too heavy document for your PC.