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How to activate the safe way in Windows 10? Step by step

The computers must count by law with complex electronic system whose pieces work of complementary way, if the errors within your computer are made more and more frequent, is logical, to attribute these faults to a gear-system problem.

By virtue of this, the safe system of Windows 10 is within the options that you must to optimize the correct yield of your computer-movable-tablet. As a single system, Windows has, as you we have mentioned it in previous articles the option to eliminate malware that affect of negative way your computer.

Also, it counts on an alternative way certainly gives a pursuit starts off you on the part of the archives and programs that can affect UNDER, where the small pieces of this complex gear which they do not take or with your computer or are not compatible with the version of Windows 10 are discarded.

To initiate Windows in safe way can be feasible in other operating systems as in Linux, UNIX and macOS. Nevertheless, UNDER more frequent and optimal world-wide level it will continue being Windows. The way surely is practically base in leaving of side the programs that are not priority to begin of inoffensive way the use of the computer.

It is for that reason that is of extreme importance of knowing how how to activate the safe system in Windows 10, and as we worried about the security about your information and system, we have seen ourselves in the necessity to explain to you how to activate it.

How beginning Windows in the safe way?

Unlike other versions as XP, Windows 7 and 8 where you initiate safely pressing F8 at the beginning when you see the logo of Windows; in Windows 10 you must activate it of a different way, from versions 8, 8,1 and 10 you can initiate this method in the same way.

From this update of the system you can accede to the safe way from the Msconfig tool, same that you can open from the menu To execute, soon to write (key Windows + R and to finalize, to beat to accept. A posteriori, from the starting eyelash, you must activate the option on approval Starting of errors where Windows will ask to you that you reinitiate the equipment to update your requirements.

Other alternatives for the safe way Windows 10

F8 beats Capital (exclusive equipment)

Only for some equipment it is possible to make use of mayúsculas+F8 as activation method of the safe way. If you are not safe if your computer is compatible with this option the best thing would be than you tried you do not lose anything with trying.

Proving the second alternative: Msconfig.exe

He is one of the commandos most important of Windows, to activate it is necessary that you press the keys “Windows + R”, so that you can correctly accede to the commando ejecutar+ msconfig. After this, you go on approval to the eyelash of “Starting of error-Minimum”, you press, you accept and you reinitiate the equipment. If this option is not of your affability and you want to return to the normal starting you can do it repeating the same steps deactivating the previous commando.

Options of installation and recovery of the system

Through the means of installation of Windows that generally come in presentation of a DVD or USB you can accede safely to a configuration, repairing the equipment from zero instead of a complete installation of the system. This method applies for the systems that present a serious problem and that only can be manipulated by means of this option.

safe way Windows 10

Why used is Windows in the safe way?

It has one differentiates minim from the normal starting of Windows, that the starting is only faster and if you have some problem within your computer you can undo of the same in a matter of seconds.

In other aspects, you will notice that the bottom of the screen will be black and the type of beginning in the writing-desk will tell you whenever you are in safe way. If within your computer a problem as a result of the activation is generated in this way, you must take the root problem and to deactivate it, this, by all means does not mean that this version of present Windows faults, on the contrary, this demonstrates that the capacity of your computer to resist a so heavy version is null.

On the other hand, to use to have assets the safe way within the equipment guarantees that the same harmful elements as virus do not enter that are not discarded so easily by the installed anti-virus.

With respect to the slowing that is generated within a nonapt computer to support a safe way, the only thing that you must makes to revert this problem is to direct to you until the administrator of tasks and of deactivating the recent programs.

In main lines, to have activated the safe way within your PC can alleviate many headaches to you caused by old recent problems of installation or a threat of virus.  

To say yes to an operating system in optimal conditions

As it shelp it before to you, UNDER it is as complex as useful and necessary. The main objective of Microsoft to will present a so complex and advanced system as Windows 10 not only is to generate income at world-wide level but also, he is increasing the number of people who have a tool that offers an immediate solution in the hands. Windows is also supported by a lot of cheapest vps hosting windows these days.

The importance of an installed good Windows can assure a good economy to future, in addition to facilitating the resolution of problematic daily that only a computer can do of instantaneous form.