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How I can clean the registry of Windows 10?

To clean registry of computer always is necessary if you want to maintain your privacy controlled, if other people use the same computer and you want to have a control of the content that sees in the same, if are minor more; or if simply you want to have an equipment more optimized as far as speed and yield.

The process to take to end this task always has been simple and fast, nevertheless, for the updates of Windows 10 it can have tools that do of that process a easy work to you.

When is necessary a cleaning of the registry or file in the computer? If the reasons by which you are meditating the possibility of taking a cleaning of the registry do not have to do with privacy or control, but rather by questions of cache and memory, it is then that the cleaning must be carried out in frequent time intervals, that is to say, that will be necessary that you adopt a routine or are weekly or monthly to dedicate to you to erase your registry; thus you will optimize the yield of the computer or device and will avoid possible overheatings and virus in the same.

Also, it can happen that you have made a cleaning previously where the cache of the applications that you eliminated was within the computer generating therefore the use of a space that can well be taken advantage of in other tools. If the last explained alternative is your case, we see ourselves in the obligation explain you in three simple steps how you can make to erase that annoying registry of your equipment.

We begin with a conventional desinstalación, eliminating archives that exceed because yes and eliminating any sign of an obsolete registry within the system.

Before, you must know that when a desinstalación does not take to end of the way in which it must become, they are signs of the program or application within the registry of the system. It remembers in the same way that this process badly conducted not only occupies space within your registry, but can also return obsolete other applications when not allowing that the same occupy the space that need.

If you have some time using Windows you will be able to carry out these passages in two by three, but, if you need a clearer and detailed idea than you must make to clean the registry of Windows 10.

The first step is to desinstalar the program traditionally

If you have been usuary of Windows per years, you will not have problems to desinstalar an application from Windows 10 since it is practically the same process to that if it beams in XP.

The first way to do is based it on the tool customary, through Control Panel. Within Windows 10, you must make a pair of things to find the panel more customary that in this occasion, you will have to look for within the left menu of the screen: Configuration, soon you will give click in System, later to enter Applications and Characteristics, where a menu or listing will unfold where you will see all the applications installed in the equipment. As last step to follow of this first form to eliminate the application is to give right click on which you wish to desinstalar.

Optional step: Clean the registry erasing the obsolete data of Hard Disco

In this step you must look for all the folders that are others, those folders that are very well that they settle within your computer as a result of a bad installation of some program; same that can have a great content in cache.  

In order to take it to end successfully, it is necessary that you look for the way to eliminate the folders that are more of within or the program files AppData folder. To the program files you can accede from an explorer of archives directing to you to C:\Program You case out. And for the second and simpler option, you must accede to the bar of directions the explorer of archives and write %appdata% where the system will take to you of immediate way.

From Appdata you must enter Local and Roaming to be eliminating what it does not have to be there, also assures to you to eliminate any folder that is related to the origin of the problem.

Pair a more optimal cleaning with second of these two options you can look for and to eliminate the archives of the program (x86) lodged in C:\Program You case out (x86), this last one is the cause of many headaches.

In the end, to have a cleaning to the 100% you must make sure to eliminate the temporary files, for it, you must accede to folder C: /Windows/Temp. In this folder one will be to all the unsuitable registry of the applications or programs that you have used until that moment.

Third step: How to erase the signs of the registry within Windows?

The last step consists of a final cleaning that is in charge to erase everything what could have been of the previous steps; those archives that do not dress, that is hidden or that simply is difficult to remove to the 100% from the system.

Warning: within this last step you will be investigating to depth on the tools and programs of Windows, therefore, you must have taken care of end of not erasing anything of the system which later you can regret. A serious consequence of a bad cleaning of the registry can affect the components of UNDER and damaging your computer completely.

In case something leaves bad and you want to return to the previous state, you must once you are within the registry publisher, go to File-Export to be able to export the present state of your UNDER.

Once insured everything, accedes to HKEY_USERS/.DEFAULT/Software and you do a slow search of any folder that contains a similar name and eliminates it. He is recommendable that nonselections everything and you erase it in one go to avoid to erase something that you do not want, also, you must have well-taken care of with the folders that can determine the installation of other programs or subprograms as the suite of Adobe.

to clean the registry

Other alternatives to clean the registry of Windows

If you think that these three steps will clear to you long time, or they are not so easy to carry out for you; you can decide on other tools that are in charge to do it everything by you, is recommendable that you go to this option if you do not have as much idea than you must or not to erase of the system.

CCleaner for example, is an ideal tool to make this type of works without touching delicate folders that can determine or not the future useful of your PC (CCleaner is and a free fast alternative) if on the contrary you want to choose a program payment to assure an answer by the damages, you can show preference for Revo Uninstaller Pro.