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How activate-to use commandos CMD (useful commandos for Windows)

The use of the operating systems in our equipment of computers has made an accumulation of useful functions for activities of life daily, but taking it to a digital plane or a plane of calculations, in such sense this has brought diverse functionalities, as much operational as logics, which have been inserted within the planes and scopes of life; such as the education, the enterprise sector, among others.

Windows is the clearest sample of the use of an own operating system, nevertheless with happening of the years it has been put under diverse changes in such way to adapt it to the comforts and exigencies on the part of the users worldwide.

At the moment the interface of Windows is qualified to solve problems within the operating system, as well as to execute action and operations logics within him, with only clicking “”. This is now, but Before how it worked?

It is a question that surely many people will not be made or will think that the facilities always were at your service of the day. Then something that always has been considered is that the technologies which at the moment we enjoyed in his beginnings were primitive methods and Windows is not the exception, when at a certain time beginning to its launching to the market occurred.

Something that can be shelp is that its way of handling was somewhat complex, since was handled in console way, without views nor screens. This way it was known him as MS-DOS.

A little on the CMD

Of what the CMD commandos consist? Before nothing is necessary to make mention in which the CMD commandos are the execution of codes in console way, which acts as within the screens of our operating system and we can make changes of adaptation of network that help alot when we using vps hosting for windows, form Direction IP, even make Ping and other functions in way of administration of Windows, this is an alternative and safe form to be able to use the Windows, in addition the CMD offers certain useful tools for its handling.

Which is the function of commandos CMD?

The use of commandos CMD in the form of console is one of the ways simple to use and to operate the resources of Windows without the necessity to have mouse (mouse). As well as to form some of the operations procedural logics and that will make drastic changes in our operating system or the information that is stored or it will be used there as a resource in emergency when some of the operations in view way cannot be executed correctly, also serves for information and excellent configuration, with respect to the ways of network, connection, domain, IP, among others.

We only must know clearly, as they are the codes of MD-DOS for our CMD and this way to be able to make correct use of this resource, but You don't know as they are the codes of CMD to use? You do not worry! In essence there are many, too many, nevertheless will mention flagrantest according to your needs.

Used commandos CMD more

To enter to the CMD

One of the simple forms is to press our button of “Home” to write in the bar search “cmd” or “Symbol of the system” and execute. In case so of not counting on this bar or not knowing to use it, you press button of Accessory Home > > Symbol of the System and “To click” and automatically you own the window on which she will begin to execute your codes of MS-DOS.

1- To move by the system, to manage, to eliminate and to reclaim archives of the system

These are useful commandos to move to you of directories, to create, to eliminate, to keep folders, to interact with archives and to even recover them in case there are them lost. These are the used commandos more:

  • Help: It shows all the commandos available, in addition to providing a brief description indicating his functionality.
  • Dir: It shows the directories available in your computer by structural order.
  • CD: Useful commando to move you by the folders of Windows.
  • Md: He serves to create new folder.
  • Rename: It serves to even change name and extension of a file.
  • Format: It completely eliminates the file of the hard disk.
  • Tree: It shows a view of the folder in the form of tree.
  • Attrib: It changes the attributes of the file that you wish that they are in some unit, you can erase, conserve, execute or any thing. You only must place in your code “Attrib/” and they will appear to you a variety of options available to execute in the file.

2- Useful commandos of the system

In certain occasions our operating system can be presenting faults and in seen ours we did not find the suitable option to verify or to solve the problem, nevertheless in the CMD we found the most suitable form, only executing codes.

  • Chkdsk: Ideal to find faults in the system that we did not find at first, allowing to find the existing errors and defects within the disc.
  • Ipconfig: You have some doubt on your connections? With this commando you will be able to obtain all the data that you need according to your connection, as the connection ports, direction IP, the mask of subred.
  • Ping: Problems of connection? When executing this code is made a call him to host to verify the connection connection and when receiving answer we will see if we are connected or no.
  • Tracert: This commando shows all the redireccionamientos of your connections, until he is with host indicated.
  • Shutdown: You have problems and you wish to extinguish or to reinitiate your equipment and you can't? In the CMD you are with this option that executing you will find it the dull one without needing entering to the views of the computer; in case like you require to do it in a matter of time in seconds, accompanies this function with (- s – the t), but what you wish is only to reinitiate you can use – the r.