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How to create a point of restoration in Windows

All we have many activities throughout ours of life, activities that generate a commitment degree, is well in the labor, academic, professional scope and even personal, the certain thing is that we have made use of the technology for the accomplishment of our activities and is exactly by its degree of practice and facility.

The use of the computers and the efficiency that offer the operating systems such as Windows, does it a quite beneficial resource, mainly at the time of some work or activity, but What happens when our operating system has failed or suffered certain damages?

In a ampler sense we can have the use of Windows as the Operating system of vanguard in the use of computers and this is due to the multiple hundreds and of tools that ensure the completion of our activities and is that we have become very employees from this, and with reason, since it allows us to carry out tasks in the smaller amount of time, it allows us to manage, to keep information, to interact with the programs that we wish and certainly it has served as much help, but

What happens when our system does not open? What happens when we did not find that file that we give by lost? What happens when our program does not execute? Surely it would be the end of the world, surely you think that everything is lost… But it hopes! Still there is a solution.

And it is that exactly Windows is so wonderful that it thinks about the future problems that can arise to their users and thinking about all the problems, as which they finish of raising, exists a function, which causes that your equipment goes away exactly to a point of specific time where has not undergone “the changes” that it has generated that does not work correctly You can't believe it? Because create it, if it exists! To this function restoration point is called to him, is that exactly that is what does recovers the system to a point of the time in which the changes that have become are reverted.

What is the restoration and which is its purpose?

When we sail by Internet or simply we make use of our computer, but we are not sufficiently skilful in the area, we can incur certain eventualities that generate changes in our equipment; changes that more likely we do not know how to revert them, probably to damage some programs, or to install some extensions that harm the process of our operations, to lose information valuable or simply to open some connection that a disastrous virus has generated you in your equipment, but as everything is not lost the restoration of the system is the most ideal option to be able to recover the normal functionality of your equipment, without generating drastic changes or losing valuable information.

Its purpose is to give an opportune and efficient answer him to the eventualities that can be presented, without the necessity to take drastic measures as I format of an equipment which implies that you can only lose everything what you have, by a small committed error.

Its way settles down in restoration points, but What are the restoration points? This is not more, than the space and interval of the time, which you wish to choose so that your equipment returns to normality.

This means that to the tasks and/or activities that you have realised from the point in which you chose the restoration until the present moment of the fault, are going to disappear, because Windows assumes that executed activity and time interval in the same is going to disappear, that would be something as well as to return in the time, to do it of an understandable way.

Step by step of the creation of the restoration point

This is something that is not nor very complicated, nor of the other world. You only must have well-taken care of with the times that you handle at the time of creating the restoration point, since far from to want to fix the damage which you did, you can execute the one worse one damaging all programs and information. You must be prudent and to determine the function of the time adapted on the basis of the appearance of your problem.

  • Step 1

First that nothing we must be positioned in the button of <Inicio> of our equipment, we were located here in <Equipo> we make “right Click” and we brand where it says “properties”

  • Step 2

At the time of arriving at properties, we looked for where it leaves <Protección to us the Sistema>. The dialogue locates that says – a point of restoration for the units Creates now that they have activated the protection of the system and must click “” where it says <Crear>

  • Step 3

At the time of which we created the restoration point, we establish the interval of the time, in which we want that our system is recovered, in such sense we must wait for a time in which our computer is being reinitiated and executing the function to groso way of deshabilitar and desinstalar all the operations that have influenced in the fault of our system. Either once having passed the resumption of the equipment, we were ready or to find us with the restoration.

  • Step 4

At the time of to have executed the restoration, is due to verify each one of the programs that are installed to observe their operation and to evaluate if some did not undergo some type of damage with the battle conducted previously, in dice case of having some error exists the form to revert the changes and is again exactly in that same part.

These are very useful tools of Windows to which we must remove the greater benefit to him, nevertheless we must have well-taken care of the way of his handling, because as well as it can be very functional, can be very detrimental. You only must apply the functions of the creation of the point very well and to create it according to the time that it has failing our equipment.

In addition if you do not want to lose archives as documents, photos, videos, audio, you can select the options that you wish that they do not undergo any type of changes and this form to be able to safeguard them. Without doubt this is one of the best tools than Windows can have.