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To download Windows 10 in Complete Free

The operating system Windows is used by those who has a PC because usually people are using Linux or Windows operating system. For that reason, it is no wonder each new version that appears is expected with great interest. The last one of these, Windows 10, arrived in 2015 and their people in charge announced that she would be updated of continued form. Something that has happened since then, securing a very stable and complete system.

One of the characteristics more interesting than brought this version of Windows was the possibility of updating the equipment of those who had a previous one. That is to say, that who they had Windows 7 or 8 could update free to Windows 10. This possibility finished the 31 of December of 2017, although still it is possible to unload Windows 10 free and to have the present version.

If your computer is few years old, surely it counts on technology of 64 bits. So that you will need to unload Windows 10 version 64. In addition, if you do not want that the language is a problem, the best thing is to accede to a copy in Spanish, who will facilitate much later the things.

Next, we will see how secure a complete copy of Windows to make a clean installation. If you do not have operating system or you want to begin of zero, this is the recommended option.

Requirements to unload Windows 10

Before coming to the unloading, assure that accounts the necessary thing yet to you so that she is successful. This is the list that you must check:

  • A connection to stable Internet, that allows the unloading of all the program without incidents.
  • Free space to store the complete program. It can be the own computer, an USB memory or a external hard disk.
  • A support in which to overturn the image of the installation disc. An USB or a DVD can be done in. It must at least have 8 GB of capacity and must be empty, since all the information that there is in the support will erase completely. If you are going it to raise a DVD, you will need a recorder.

Once insured who you have it all ready one, you will be able to unload Windows 10 in complete Spanish 64 bits. Also you can do it in his version of 32 bits if your equipment works with this technology.

How to unload Windows 10 ISO

The unloading of Windows 10 can be made directly from the official page of Microsoft. For it is possible to be acceded directly from this connection. Next it follows these steps:

  • It opens the drop-down one in that it puts Selects an edition.
  • It selects to the option Windows 10 and it beats to confirm.
  • The language chooses in which you want to unload Windows 10. In this Spanish case. It confirms again.
  • Are two options to choose, the one of 32 and the one of 64 bits. In this case we want to unload complete Windows 64 bits. So we choose this version.
  • We keep the file in the chosen support.

It is important that you consider that the unloading link is only valid during 24 hours. Once fulfilled the term, the connection will stop working and you will have to return to repeat the process if you want to unload Windows again.

To update to Windows 10

Until the 31 of December of 2017 the only thing that you had to make to update to Windows 10 was to unload the tool of Microsoft that allowed you to do it. The process was automatic and in not too much time, following the equipment, you could unload Windows 10 to update the system.

At the moment you can update to Windows 10 if you use technologies of attendance of Microsoft. In that case you will only have to accede to the corresponding section and to select the update. You will be able to unload Windows 10 free to make the update.

Another option is to update a version of Windows 10 to the last software package signed by the developers. For that the system counts on an update tool, that is in charge to verify that you have the last version. In case it is not thus, it will indicate to you that you can come to unload it to update.

Why to update to Windows 10?

If you are usuary of Windows 7, 8 or 8,1 perhaps you ask yourself if it is necessary to unload Windows 10 and to update your equipment. The certain thing is that he is very recommendable by several reasons.

First it is that your computer will be much more safe, since the most recent version always is the one that has the last measures of protection. The fire-guards and other elements will help you to sail and to work without worrying to you too much.

Also you would have to update to Windows 10 because it is a system that is reviewed most frequently. The previous versions continue having support, although no longer they receive updates unless there is a very important problem. It is more, soon time will stop having support. Reason why he is better to be useful now and to unload Windows 10 free to update itself.

Windows 10 has automatic updates. This means that always you will have the stable version but, safe and optimized for your computer. Of totally gratuitous form and without having to think about when a new version will arrive from Windows. Since it has been developed with the intention of which she is the last one. We will not see a Windows 11, but they will be gotten up the new functionalities to Windows 10 so that everything perfectly continues working.

If still you are not decided, allow us to tell you that Windows 10 is one of best the operating systems than they have been developed. The code has been cleaned. A new nucleus for the system has been developed and efforts have become so that the resources that are needed are not excessive. With Windows 10 you can also have dedicated server to host a game to play with your friend or else.

Versions of Windows 10

If you want to unload Windows, following the type of user that you are you will be able to choose between several versions:

  • Windows 10 home is most habitual, present in the majority of new equipment. It is directed to those who use their computer as domestic equipment.
  • If you are an advanced user more and you use your PC to work. Or if you have a small business and your exigencies go beyond the standard, your version is 10 Windows Pro. There is a version with functions still more outposts for larger companies, under the denomination Enterprise Windows.
  • The version for educative centers is Windows 10 Education. The licenses of this system are reserved only to this type of centers and it is looked enough like the previous one.

Now that you know how to free unload Windows 10, what options you have and the reasons by which you would have, is your turn. You do not wait for more and enjoys the last version of the operating system Windows for your computer. And if you need a VPS Web hosting, there are a lot Hosting that supporting windows.